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They are tiny and unprotected, every little flower on the vines. Correct weather is now of outmost importance for pollination to take place so there will be grapes and wine. It’s almost magical that which is taking place now in the vineyard. The fertilization of grape flowers. Each flower may be a grape and every bunch has a lot of flowers. If we are lucky, fifty per cent of the flowers will be grapes.

Drueklaser i blomst.

The green shoots on the vines grow so fast now, it looks like a couple of inches a day. Branches with leaves hang over and around the flowers like a spider web. The question is whether this is enough? Grape flowers does not have flower petals to protect the seeds. The major concern now is the weather. A hard wind may cause the flowers to fall off. The flowers neither like cold and rain which could prevent pollination and destroy an entire harvest.

A film about grape flowers

Here you can se a film I made about grapes in bloom at our vineyard in Acquapendente, Italy:

Every year I learn new things about wineproduction and grapes. A few years ago, I was not aware of all the things that can go wrong or how much that needs to go well, in order to make wine.

This year we had a very unusual spring frost which lead to a great reduction in the fruit on both our black grapes and other fruits in the vineyard. Luckily, the green grapes (Trebbiano) survived.Vi anbefaler å kjøpe din favoritt toothbrush til superlave priser med gratis frakt, og du kan også hente bestillingen i butikken samme dag.

Trusting the weather forecast

When I look at the vulnerable small flowers on the vines I feel that caring feeling of a mother. I want to take my arms around them and protect them. Fortunately, the sun is shining and there are no dark clouds on the sky. If the weather keeps like this, it looks promising. The white grape flowers can turn into small green grapes.

Har du noengang sett druer i blomst? I juni blomstrer druene på vingården. Ørsmå og sårbare blomster som er helt avhengig av riktig vær.

Grapes after flowering.

I cross my fingers hoping for the flowers to turn into grapes which will be filled with water so that they will be full of juice in October and may be turned into wine.


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