About me

I am a journalist, student in wine and I have a little vineyard in Italy.  I have been very fortunate, and I have travelled around the world in my job as a journalist. Now, I am on a new journey of wine.

The wine is so far for our own consumption. My dream is to share it with you.

I have reached my first goal. The wine is drinkable. Now I want it to be good. In August 2016, a little miracle occurred. We won the local wine-competition with our red wine. That gave me new inspiration.

I am also a winestudent (WSET). «If I am to make good wine, I need to taste good from bad».

My goal is to spend more time in our wine paradise in Italy, but also to visit wine makers in the area and further away to learn how I can make a really good wine.

In this blog, you may follow me on my journey. Hopefully, you may also learn a bit, and be inspired!